• Pedestrian battery scrubber driers

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    • Pedestrian mains scrubber driers

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    Pedestrian scrubber driers

    Pedestrian or walk-behind scrubber driers clean floors in just one pass, leaving them dry, safe and ready for immediate use.
    Available with disc or cylinder brushes, our floor cleaning machines are highly productive, cost-effective machines that can be customized to suit the cleaning requirements of any floor, whether it be a warehouse, factory, workshop, supermarket or shopping centre etc.

    Walk behind scrubber driers offer a decisive economical advantage over conventional scrubbing or wet cleaning with a mop from a surface area of 100 m2 and more.

    They are available as battery or mains-powered units. The range includes models with an area coverage of up to a maximum of 4000 m2/h.

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